Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Enemy by Lee Child

What is stronger in this book: the plot or character development?


Do you think this was intentional on the part of the author?

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Anonymous said...

The book was interesting & the characters did keep my interest. Plot was pretty close-knit. Lots of military terms & jargon I couldn't remember as the book progressed, and the movements from state to state to Paris, etc., since they were all based on military investigation, I tired to transcend in order to focus on the plot itself. The book did not treat the service sympathetically, & it left me wondering just how deep military 'corruption' goes for personal gain - even though soldiers' lives are at stake.
His mother's history was surprising & powerful, & I had a lot of respect for a woman who could make such tough decisions to save others' lives. The only aspect of the story that seemed out of character to me was the way he went after Williard - cold -blooded murder? And w/o anyone ever investigating? His simply going on to another branch of the military? I don't know. Seemed somewhat spurious.