Monday, November 10, 2008

"The King of Lies" by John Hart

Work is a character trapped in his life -- by his job, his wife, and the expectations of those around him -- however he doesn't have the will to change things until he is forced to confront the past.
Do you feel that Work or his sister, Jean, could have killed their father, Ezra Pickens? Did they have justification to do so?
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General critique of the book:

Most of the books I read "grab me" within the first five or six pages. This book was difficult getting into.

The main character is "Jackson Workman Pickens", or as he is called "Work" by all except Vanessa (his wife).

Should we all assume the title of this book refers to Ezra who was Work's father? If Ezra was the King, was Work the Prince? Work lied by omission by accepting his father's "truth" well into his 30's. He was also living a lie in his marriage and Vanessa was the victim. As far as I'm concerned, his treatment of Vanessa was almost as bad as the man who attacked her.

Work began to examine his life when Vanessa confronted him about their situation and called him a 'pussy'.

Work's personality was not liek his father's. He was not money-hungry and was down to earth, shown by his grasping for a friend in Max. He also did not judge people by how much they were worth.


I suspected Barbara had a lover early in the book because of her cold behavior.

When Ezra's death was declared a murder I suspected Hambley, the lawyer who was envious of Ezra. Then I thought it was Alex.


Why didn't Work smash open the safe when he first found it in his father's office? He could have saved himself, Jean and others a lot of pain. Was the author just trying to make the book longer?


The author gave some descriptions that were too long. WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME he described where his sister Jean was living.

Overall it was a different story however a little heavy on descriptions and a little dragged out.