Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Missing Witness" by Gordon Campbell

For a debut novel from a working lawyer (who is married to a United States District Judge), do you think Gordon Campbell succeeded in writing an engaging legal drama?
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the story. You wonder if Doug's telling Rita Etteridge they were on to her improved what could have happened or made it worse. At least with his forced closing statement, he did get the sympathy of the jury to get Miranda off. I enjoyed the Phoenix settings since I lived there for four years and was able to relate to where things were taking place.

Anonymous said...

This book was very cumbersome with legal settings, jargon, text etc. I had to wade through it. It did remeind me of All the King's Men, but instead of a political setting, a courthouse. By the way, how could any mother leave her child to take the rap for her so she could get off?! Not someone I can empathize with. And what was the big deal about her & her lesbian friend being so distraught when they realized Doug know about them. Who cares. Rita got off, no double jeopardy. And Doug was definitely unprofessional in confronting them off the elevator.