Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"New Jersey, a History" by Thomas Fleming

This book is part of a series on the states and the nation, published for the Bicentennial. It tells the history of NJ from late 17th century thru the early 1970's. NJ, as small as it is, was once East Jersey and West Jersey. It is a story of differing loyalties, ethnicities, religions etc. NJ's view of our ties to Britain was totally different from that of New England. We were not all that keen on breaking with Britain. Fleming shows us that the squabbling and disagreements have never ended with the state and yet in spite of the diversity and quarreling, and the many mistakes of the past, he says that perhaps our state motto should be "divided we stand." This book , in spite of being only 205 pages long, gives an excellent overview of our state's history.
While reading this book I also watched the DVD called "New Jersey Legacy," a ten part documentary covering the 1600's until modern times. These half hour programs by public television were not make to go with the book, but they complemented each other, especially the one program about Jersey City politics and the boss of bosses, Frank Hague. That episode was narrated by Thomas Fleming, whose father was a ward leader at that time.

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