Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dancing Floor by Barbara Michaels

Why did Frank and Jordan readily accept Heather into their home after she inadvertently trespasses on their property?

For more information about the author (aka Elizabeth Peters, aka Barbara Mertz), check out:

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Anonymous said...

The Dancing Floor -- was this moving vines on walls or a floor of tunnels or what?

I liked the book. The acceptance of Heather so quickly, when she stumbled onto Frank and Jordan in the garden, was surprising. Was it just because of her name? Frank was very criticial of Jordan because of his interest in ancient gods & myths but I think he (Frank) also was superstitiious. He heard Heather's name and thought she was a charm or token sent for good luck in his garden work.

Jennet was my first choice for the villain until I read more of her conversations.

From the time Bobby's 'acting out' was introduced I thought he would come to a bad end. I wasn't surprised when his mother did the dirty work. Her son was interfering with her pursuits of any male within reach. From the beginning, Lyndsay was too cutesy to be true.

Jordan, Sean and Giles were in the running for Heather's mate however I suspected Jordan was going to be the winner despite his 'too cool' demeanor.

Jennet's explanation of Wicca sounded familiar as I had taken a sociology course in college. In that course, two witches came to class and told the story of Wicca and they claimed they were 'white wtiches' as Jennet said she was. They only did deeds to help and heal.