Friday, February 18, 2011

52 Waratah Avenue by Lynne Wilding

As Laura Beaumont struggles wih the loss of love, her other life's passion comes under threat…Someone is trying to sabotage Ashworths, the exclusive department store set up by Laura Beaumont. Is the company about to be taken over? The timing is bad for the Beaumont family because Laura's health is declining and they desperatly need to find a successor to the business. Caroline, Laura's eldest daughter, is an international concert pianist in search of a new career; perhaps at Ashworths. But her ambitious sister Michaela has her eye on the top job and is suspicious of Caroline's motives. Meanwhile, Joel, Laura's son, has to deal with his own problems before he can pursue his career as a doctor. Outside of Ashworths, the Beaumont women have other passions to contend with. Caroline's return to Sydney means facing her ex-husband. Nick wants Caroline back in his life — any way he can get her. Michaela finds herself attracted by young lawyer Leith Danvers.

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