Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel

What role does tradition play in this book? Is it always a negative role, as exemplified by Mama Elena?  What might the author be suggesting about familiy or cultural customs in general?

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Anonymous said...

Liked: I loved the way the author wove the recipes into the book as part of the narration....very original. I also liked the way Tita's mood while she was cooking came through the food and could physically affect the eater. I also liked the very sensual nature of the book. The character of Mama Elena was well created - she was a true villain that had the reader jumping for joy when she died. Personally, I'm sorry she didn't marry John in the end - I really liked his character.

Disliked: I'm just not a fan of magical realism, and although I liked the food-related aspect of it, I didn't like crazy parts, as when one of the characters (I forget who) got so hot in the shower that a fire was created that burned the whole shower down....or when Mama Elena comes back from the dead and still lectures Tita.