Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Executive Privilege" by Phillip Margolin

Phillip Margolin writes a taut, fast paced thriller in "Executive Privilege".  Were you able to anticipate who the murderer was?  Or were you led astray by his 'red herrings'?

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Anonymous said...

I liked the book! The author did a good job, but....

I was slightly confused the way he jumped suddenly from one venue or/and character. The first time this happened, someone (a female character) was punched in the solar plexis. I turned the page and I was 3000 miles away in Oregon with someone else wondering what happened. I went back to the Prologue for my solution.

This happened a few other times as you read on in the story.

1. I didn't trust Hawkins from the beginning. I thought some thing was going on with him and Mrs. Farrington.

2. Mrs. Farrington was too forgiving of her husband's affairs raising red flags for me. I started believing she married Chris for a title and Hawkins was really the father of her children.

3. When the doctor gave an accurate description of how one victim was killed, Mrs. Farrington was looking guilty or involved to me because of her MD license.

4. Ending - no surprise.

Why was President Farrington still free at the end? This idiot thought these deaths were all coincidental? How could he be innocent of all that happened.

Would I read another book by this author? Yes!

Anonymous said...

At the Discussion night, the issue of a woman who was involved with a US Congressman was brought up. We all struggled for a name.

Okay, here it is: Chandra Levy. Her body was found. The Congressman was Gary Condit, a 5-term congressman from California. He had an affair with Levy and was not forthcoming about it. Gary Condit was not tried for her murder. He lost his seat in congress when he ran in 2002. A man from El Salvadore who had murdered several other women was convicted in Feb 2011 and sentenced to 60 years in jail.

I really like "Executive Privilege"; most of us did.