Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Killing Floor" by Lee Child

"Killing Floor" is the first of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  Is his character 'too good to be true'?  He has military training which serves him well in combative situations.  Would he really have let his guard down while in NYC, thinking about his brother, thus having a close call with the men lying in wait for him?

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Anonymous said...

Good story line. The author must have been a military person or he studied the handbook for hand to hand mortal combat!

Jack Reacher was too good to be true. He was covered with teflon.

Chief Morrison came across suspicious from the beginning because of his attitude.

I couldn't get Picard and his keeping Roscoe and Charlie in a safe house without the aid of fellow agents. It didn't seem right. And what branch of Atlanta FBI didn't know what was happening at the safe house?

Baker appeared too innocent and too helpful. Then we found out why.

The story line/plot was pretty good. Some might say like a fantasy however given the atmosphere in the world arena today, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this type of economic terrorism isn't taking place.

Author Lee Child is supposed to be working on another book about Jack Reacher. Would I read it? I don't think so. We already know his method of operation. He's a wanderer trying, I believe, to escape the military imbedded in him. His actions say otherwise. He will maybe move from town to town doing 'good deeds'? with hand guns and other implements while using green beret tactics? This reminds me of following Dr. Richard Kimbal while he was on the run as an accused murderer. He treated injured and sick people along the way.

What is causing Jack Reacher to be like this? Is he a victim of brain washing (uninteded) by family and military training?

The graphic brutality is a bit much for me to follow his (Reacher's) stories.

Another question is how did Lee Child ever settle on Tom Cruise for this part? When you read the description of Reacher and think of Tom Cruise, it's a laugh.

An alternate title for the book could be "The Almighty Dollar".

I've got to rest now -- I'm shell-shocked.

Anonymous said...

I had read a later book in the Jack Reacher series, which I enjoyed much more than the first in the series, "Killing Floor". To me, "Killing Floor" is MUCH more graphic with gratuitous violence. Perhaps the first is the proverbial 'diamond in the rough' and Mr. Child was honing his craft?

I also found Jack Reacher reacting in what I consider an 'un-Reacher-like way' several times throughout the story. Would Finley and Reacher *really* dance and high-five in the money?

Also, I don't think Reacher would have been so distracted while in NYC, thinking about his brother. He was not a sentimental guy and to put down his guard at such a time seemed highly unlikely.

Why would the professor in NYC (K.K.) be so happy when talking with Reacher? He just learned his colleague from Princeton had been murdered. Wouldn't he have made the leap in thinking that the murder is what was related to his situation, and that it wasn't a mugging as reported?

This was a story solved by punctuation!

Wouldn't Kliner, when bleaching the paper $1.00 bills, also end up bleaching the imperative red and blue fibers in the paper?

When Reacher disclosed the other 4 men of the 10 involved, Finlay doesn't even seem to recognize the men, who are cops. He had no suspicions? Odd.....

Despite these misgivings, I would read another Reacher novel, but one later in the series where the author has a better handle on the character, and has developed his writing style more. It was a page turner, but laughable at times.