Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"The Ha-Ha" by Dave King

What do you think happens after the book ends? Do all the characters have a chance at happiness?  Have their chances improved since the beginning of the novel?

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Anonymous said...

Patty: I finally read the book. I finally got into it. Loved it. I know that some of it is my problem---I really have a problem with Vietnam war -related books---my era--my experience.
But I found the whole thing of his inability to speak to be a very interesting way to tell a story. There were so many times I wished he "COULD" speak. Really good character development, good story, good feeling for the good and not-so-good of the characters. The kid was very believable--kids don't have to have their stances be consistent, do they? I liked the ending; it didn't promise anything but the characters were moving on in a good way. And he finally sees Sylvia DIFFERENTLY even though he has admitted some of her "using and self-absorbed" nature throughout the book.

By the way, I have also found a READER that I really DON'T Like--It is Peter Giles reading a Michael Connelly. He just annoys me; he seems so arrogant (as a reader, not just as the lawyer character he is playing. Does he have that effect on anyone else???