Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Save Me" by Lisa Scottoline

What do you think of Rose's lawyers' strategy?  Did you agree or disagree with it?  Why or why not? Do you think there were just passing the blame, or do you think the school had a responsibility in what happened? Do you think that litigation is another form of bullying? 

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Anonymous said...

I have read this author's book before and I was disappointed in this offering. It was on a subject very important these days with 'some mystery' thrown in ut not much. The story was very predictable. The mother in the book was rather reckless but had good intentions. She put her family in jeopardy and herself also. At times, I thought I was reading 'Nancy Drew' meets 'Wonder Woman'!!!

However, the subject, bullying, is very important and some serious stories about this has been in our news lately.

I would read the author's books again but I was not happy with this one. The story was sort of calamitous at times.