Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tyrant's Daughter by J.C. Carleson

After the execution of her father, a young teen along with her mother and brother are swooped away from their country to the United States by the CIA. Laila along with her mother and 6 year old brother Bastien have to adapt to a new culture and completely new environment. In their previous life everything is done for them as they were "royalty".  Laila does not know anything about making friends or navigating streets of a new area. She slowly learns and just about when she thought that they would be in the United States for a long time, she discovers her mother's conversations with her uncle, the man that killed her father. Without her truly understanding what was going on, her mother uses her to take revenge on her uncle for his killing of his brother. Laila quickly discovers what actually happened and turns the cards her way, now she is the one in control of what will happen from now on. She is the Invisible Queen!"
A very interesting read. The story helps with understanding what it is like to live in a country with political unrest. It also makes the reader aware of the freedoms every American has but sometimes takes for granted.

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