Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Heart of the Matter" by Emily Giffin

At the end of the book, Tessa has a decision to make. Do you feel she made the right one? What would you have done? What do you see as the "heart of the matter" in this story?  How is trust distinct from forgiveness?

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Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on the book. I enjoyed reading it. Easy read. Some thoughts on the characters:

Valerie. Shame on her. Concentrate on your kid no matter how nice and good looking the doctor is. He is married. She doesn't know what it's like to have a husband and family unit so what she was potentially destroying didn't matter to her. And wasn't she described by herself even as a bit of a loaner or did things on her own? So you decide to come out of your shell with some else's husband? And then she's sorry? Nope. Broken heart well deserved.

Tessa. Couldn't win an argument if she tried. Terrible. Makes herself seem like just because she doesn't work anymore being a mom is nothing. Whatever. Grow a set stop walking on eggshells with your husband. Fight for your marriage and your life. And slap his mistress or at least call her a home wrecker. Saying thank you? Come on....

Nick. He knows he's good looking and good at his job. Arrogant cheating pig. He was trouble from the get go. Back when he met his wife he saw she had a ring on her finger. Why exchange info?? Plus can't forgive him for not putting his own children first. What he did on Halloween!!!! Disgusting. His kids were little. He could have spent it with them. Plus letting the little boy he was treating get close to him. Unforgivable.

Oh and Tessa 's "friends" - Familiar and hilarious. All about them and their gossip. Hags.

That all being said. I don't know if I could forgive my husband or take him back. Once someone betrays me I typically cut them off.

Anonymous said...

The book was OK … I was mildly annoyed at the format as I’m not keen on the switching back and forth. We had to learn from the outset some important information about two families. This story has been in the headlines many times with much more tragic endings.

Valerie is the story of a cousin of mine; we can all find Tessa in friends or neighbors.
Valerie could have told Charlie’s father about the baby but it might not have done any good. (It didn’t in my cousin’s case).

Tessa thought it would be glamorous to stay home, keep house and raise children. She tried for perfection and without a lot of double extra help it doesn’t work and evidently didn’t work for her. She was trying to keep up with or outbest the circle of “friends.

Nick was a pediatric doctor and was very serious about his job. What was it about Valerie and Charlie that caused an unthinkable and life-changing pattern?

To sum up my opinion, Tessa and Nick should have made one weekend a month a night out. They had help available. Would have been time off for her and him. In the real world (and Boston) there has to be more than one pediatric specialist in his field.

Tessa had family who would have taken over with children.

As for as Nick’s getting involved with Valerie, I can’t figure out why. He was supposedly so devoted. One weekend a month may have helped his sexual urges. And it would have been good for his wife to get away for a day or two once a month.

As for as the outcome (sex with Valerie) I would have told Nick to take a hike. My thoughts would be if you did this once you’ll do it again. Trust and suspicion would be difficult to put down.