Friday, February 4, 2011

The Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

After one of her patients commits murder, psychiatrist Julia Cates is asked to come back to her hometown by her sister Ellie to help with a child who seemed to appear from nowhere out of the forest. Julia's confidence is very low and her life has been almost destroyed. The found child is "wild" and no one knows where she came from. Julia becomes the temporary foster parent to help the young girl. Can Julia find out who the girl is? What her name is?
The book is hard to put down once you get started! I haven't finished reading just yet! The suspense of what may happens next has me hanging on, not wanting to put this book down!


Brasil said...

This heartwarming one is all about hope, love, and the human spirit. The reader will fall in love with the child, Alice, who had been silenced by many horrors in her life, seemingly left unable to speak. Julia, a psychiatrist, burdened with her own problems and guilt, along with other townspeople form a protective family circle for the little girl. This is a transforming, enriching novel that will be a keeper to anyone who reads it.

WPL Book Discussion said...

I couldn't agree more!