Monday, February 6, 2012

Cowboys & Aliens starring Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford

Daniel Craig wakes up in the middle of a desert wounded without any memory of who he is and a strange looking device on his arm which he cannot remove. He wanders into a town into a preachers house. The Preachers helps to mend his wounds and clean him up. Harrison Ford who plays a wealthy rancher with a spoiled son who seems to like trouble and can usually get away with it because of who is "Daddy is", at least until he shoots a sheriff's deputy after trying to shoot Daniel Craig. It's odd that no one at first knows who Daniel Craig is. Then all of a sudden everyone knows who he is and the sheriff arrests him and a strange woman is following him around. Well daddy's boy and Daniel Craig wind up in the jail together and then all hell brakes loose in the town. Space ships come out of know where and people get snapped up and disappear in a matter of minutes. The the "bad boys" become friends along with the strange woman and together they battle the "demons" from outer space! Wow! this is the first western vs science fiction I have ever seen! Not sure if I liked it, very action packed and way out there!

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