Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smilla's Sense of Snow by Peter Hoeg

How would you classify this novel? Is it a murder mystery? Science fiction? Morality Tale? Love Story? Philosophical treatise? Or all of the above?

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Anonymous said...

It was absolute torture to finish this tome. It was hard to follow (too many unfamiliar names and locales), very difficult to understand or like...and oh so very cold!! Not a solitary character was likeable or "regular" but they all had their quirks which made them difficult to identify or even sympathize with most of the time.

Even the scientific or cultural/geographic narratives were not interesting to me and went way above my head. I must admit that I had to grit my teeth at times just to continue....particularly during the looooong onboard adventure.

Smilla was quite the peculiar one, but her Dad was even more so. Two characters surprised me at the end, the mechanic and Bella (father's girlfriend). Their personalities acquired a new dimension at the end...both for treachery, deceit and one for pure hatred!

Even the end was unsatisfying...does Tork drown, does he get infected by the worms or does he just freeze to death? Does Smilla make it back to the boat? If she does, can she command the rest to take her to safety? And where is she going and who with? Is the mechanic over and done with even though he kind of protected her to the end? And what about Daddy and Bella? Way too many loose ends for my comfort!

I'm afraid I will not be recommending this one to any of my friends... Oh well, just give me a straightforward mystery without the Artic worms anytime!!!